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Delta Omega members can be found in key leadership positions and essential fieldwork positions throughout the public health community. Our members include current and past U.S. Surgeon Generals, a former president of the American Public Health Association, deans of Schools of Public Health, researchers, and policymakers. You can search our extensive membership list, join our social networks, or look through our member profiles to learn more about our members and the excellent work they're engaged in.

Joining Delta Omega

Members are inducted by chapters through a highly-selective process that assesses their outstanding performance and devotion to the field. To maintain the credibility of this prestigious society, chapters are limited in the number of members they may induct each year.

The national guidelines for yearly inductions are as follows:

  • Students: Chapters may induct up to 10% of the graduating student body. All student inductees must be in the upper 25% of their class academically. Starting in 2013, undergraduate students can be inducted as associate members if they are enrolled in a baccalaureate program affiliated with an active Delta Omega chapter. Not more than 10% of graduating baccalaureate students can be elected to associate membership. For more details, see the by-laws.
  • Faculty: Chapters may induct either five members or 3% of the full-time faculty, whichever is less. Faculty must be selected based on a review of their work in the field. The only adjunct-faculty that may be inducted are those faculty members who are employed full-time by the university, but hold an adjunct position in the school or program of public health.
  • Alumni: Chapters may induct alumni based on their work in the practice of public health which should serve as a model for future graduates of the school. Chapters may induct alumni members in the amount not to exceed half of that allowed for its (graduate) student inductions for that year. Regardless of this calculation, each Chapter will have the option to induct at least 5 alumni members annually.
  • Honorary: The first year that a chapter is active it may induct three honorary members. However, every year after the chapter may only induct one honorary member. Honorary membership should only be conferred upon persons possessing exceptional qualifications and those who have attained meritorious distinction in the field of public health.

There is a one-time induction fee of $50 to join Delta Omega and that covers the person's lifetime membership in the society.

If you are interested in joining the Delta Omega Honorary Society, please contact the leadership of your local chapter. If your CEPH-accredited school or program does not have a chapter, then click here to see how you can establish one. Non-members may still partake in Delta Omega Society's events and competitions and we encourage you to explore current opportunities here.





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For more information about Delta Omega, please contact Delta Omega at or
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