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Honorary Members
Herbert Hoover

hoover Herbert Hoover was the thirty-first president of the United States. In 1929 Delta Omega recognized him for his work in child health. President Hoover was very honored by his induction into the Society. In a 1942 article Edgar Hume, co-founder of Delta Omega, noted that the President "accepted at once" and had his "key presented (to him) at the White House". It is also noted in the Hume article that President Hoover, while having been invited into two other Greek letter societies, held "only Greek letter Delta Omega" (Hume, Edgar, 1942).

Hoover was educated at Stanford University as a mining engineer after graduation. He worked in China "for a private corporation as China's leading engineer" ( At the start of World War I, he found himself in Europe and aided Americans living overseas in returning to the United States due to the War. Throughout World War I, Hoover combated the problem of hunger in Europe. He became the head of the Food Administration under President Wilson. After the war, he helped feed Eastern Europe, where thousands of people were hungry.

Hoover was elected president in 1929, which coincided with the Great Depression. This ultimately led to a rocky road for the President. He made many efforts to alleviate the financial crisis of the nation. But, these policies were not enough to revitalize Hoover's image, and he lost re-election for the White House in 1932.

After leaving the White House, Hoover was still involved in politics, serving on commissions to "reorganize the Executive Departments" under both Truman and Eisenhower. He died in 1964 in New York City.

Hume, Edgar. 1942. "The Delta Omega Society." Banta's Greek Exchange. April. Pages. 138-141. Herbert Hoover: Thirty-First President 1929-1933.





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