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Honorary Members
Abraham Horwitz

horwitz Being inducted as an honorary member of Delta Omega, the public health honorary society, was not the only event honoring the life and work of Abraham Horwitz. His was also elected for life to the Society of Scholars of the Johns Hopkins University and received the Bronfman Prize of the American Public Health Association. In his honor, PAHO awards the Abraham Horwitz Award for leadership in public health. In his native Chile, Horwitz received a doctor honoris causa by the University of Chile in 1991, the cruz del Sur from the Chilean government, and was named a University of Chile Professor Emeritus (adapted from

Abraham Horwitz, a native of Chile, was graduated in 1936 from the University of Chile medical school. In a recent article about him, it is noted that he chose to study medicine and infectious diseases because of his family's experience as émigrés from Russia (adapted from "Pan American Health Organization Leader Abraham Horwitz, 89, Dies" from the His parents were denied access into the United States and, ultimately, ended up in Chile because of an eye infection of his mother. After medical school he joined the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and specialized in infectious diseases and public health.

In the early 1940s, Horwitz was a key player in the treatment of meningitis using sulfas, which greatly reduced the death rate. In 1944 Horwitz received his Master of Public Health from the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. He also was appointed the director of the University of Chile's School of Public Health. During the 1950s he worked for the Pan American Health Organization in Chile on smallpox eradication.

In 1958 he was elected to be the director of the Pan American Health Organization, a post, in which he served until 1975. Over the 17 years as director of PAHO, Horwitz was the only director to be elected and re-elected four times. He was dedicated to the health of in the Americas. He devoted much of his research to nutrition.





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