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Honorary Members
Sir Arthur Newsholme

In 1924, Sir Arthur Newsholme became one of the first three honorary inductees into the Delta Omega Honorary Society. His distinguished career in public health merited his inclusion in the Society. He "stimulated the growth of knowledge and the application of fundamental principles in preventive medicine" (Delta Omega).

Sir Arthur Newsholme was a significant figure in the British health care system of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. He was a very gifted scholar, earning his medical degree in 1881. He also won many medals and scholarships as a student to support his medical studies. As a new M.D., he opened a small practice in Clapham. From historical documents it appears that his interest in hygiene was initially stimulated more by financial need than a mere interest in hygiene. For example, Newsholme wrote a series of textbooks on hygiene as a means to supplement his income. In 1885 Newsholme received his Diploma in Public Health from the University of London. He also became the part-time Medical Officer of Health in the London vestry of Clapham, which prepared him for his next appointment as the full-time Medical Officer of Health in the city of Brighton. He served in this capacity for 20 years.

As the Medical Officer of Health in Brighton, Newsholme was challenged by many health concerns in this seaside town. Brighton had major sanitation problems when Newsholme took office in 1888. He helped develop a more modern sewage system. Newsholme's strategy for the prevention of tuberculosis and the development of the sanatorium treatment center for Brighton residents were some of his major accomplishments. The comprehensive preventive strategy employed helped reduce the amount of tuberculosis infections.

His success as the Medical Officer of Health in Brighton brought his career to the attention of the nominating committee for the Medical Officer of the Local Government Board in Whitehall. In 1908 he left the seaside town of Brighton to become the nominal head of the English public health service. Under his command, the national insurance plan, the national tuberculosis program, and new policy for combating venereal diseases were launched as major public health initiatives. His role as a public health administrative brought better health to the general public in Britain.

Newsholme was key in the development of the socialization of medical in England. He served his country until 1919 when upon his retirement he joined the newly formed Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health as the first professor of public health administration. He stayed in this position for two years. For the next twenty years of his life, he traveled around the United States and Europe, lecturing, writing, and making observations about the health care systems in various countries. He died in May of 1943 in England.


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