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Honorary Members
William Hallock Park

William Hallock Park was inducted into Delta Omega as a honorary member for his contributions as a bacteriologist and the development of the first municipal laboratory of diagnosis.

William Hallock Park was a trained bacteriologist at the turn of the twentieth century, a time when there were few bacteriologists. Dr. Park started his career as a bacteriologist at an emergency diagnostic laboratory in New York City. As part of the New York City Department of Health, Park worked on diagnosing many diseases as well as developing treatments for pathologies.

Dr. Park is noted for founding the Antitoxin Laboratory as part of the New York City Department of Health in 1906 (now a privately owned company called Alliance Pharmaceutical Corp). The Laboratory was located approximately 65 miles northwest of Manhattan. At this location antitoxins for diphtheria and tetanus were developed from horse sera.

Park also was key in establishing the Bureau of Laboratories in 1910. His work with the Bureau of Laboratories included inoculating the population of New York against diphtheria, pasteurization of milk, and the control of tuberculosis, as well as many other preventive treatments. Concurrently, starting in 1898, he held an appointment as Professor of Bacteriology at New York University.

Dr. Park retired from work with the Department of Health in 1936. He died in 1939.






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