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Honorary Members
Brig. Gen. Frederick Fuller Russell

russell Brig. Gen. Frederick Fuller Russell's work on controlling typhoid outbreaks in the military during the Spanish-American War helped save the lives of many military recruits. In 1929, Brig. Gen. Frederick Fuller Russell was inducted in Delta Omega as an honorary member.

In 1908, Brig. Gen. Russell (then only a major) spent time studying the anti-typhoid vaccination developed by Sir Almroth Wright. This vaccination involved the use of killed typhoid bacilli, which was a controversial therapy. After completing a through review, Fuller recommended the use of the vaccination for the U.S. troops. Anti-typhoid vaccination became mandatory for all troops in 1911.

Besides his career as a medical doctor in the Army, Fuller also served as the director of the International Health Division of the Rockefeller Foundation and was a Professor at Harvard University.





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