Establishing A Chapter

We welcome all CEPH-accredited schools and programs of public health to establish a chapter of the Delta Omega Honorary Society. There is no fee for establishing or maintaining a chapter, and the process is a simple one. Institutions wishing to establish a chapter must send a complete application to the National Office via email at A majority vote by the Executive Committee is needed to approve each new chapter.

The application must consist of the following

A letter of interest written and signed by the dean of the school or the program chair. This letter should note when the school/program earned its CEPH-accreditation and why the school/program seeks to establish a chapter of Delta Omega.

Two letters of support written by the faculty or staff who will lead the chapter in its initial year and establishment. These letters should note what role the faculty/staff will have in the chapter.

A proposed timeline for the chapter’s first year and what activities would be taken on. This timeline can either be sent as a separate document or be incorporated in the letters of interest or support.  See an example of a new chapter timeline here.

Review and approval process

Once received, the National Office will send the application to the Executive Committee for their review.

The decision is typically made two to three weeks after receipt of the application. The National Office will contact the chapter with the committee’s decision as soon as it is received. Once a chapter’s establishment plan has been approved, it may begin its work immediately.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this process, please contact Delta Omega at