Frequently Asked Questions

Chapter Leadership

Is there a requirement about specific officer positions?

There are no national requirements regarding officer positions and chapter may structure their leadership positions and process as they wish. However, the governance manual states that chapters should have a process for elections and periodic rotation of chapter officers.

Can a chapter’s bylaws differ from the national bylaws?

Yes. Generally speaking, chapter bylaws can be more specific so that they can guide your specific processes of managing your Delta Omega chapter. Generally speaking, chapter bylaws can be more restrictive (e.g. limit eligibility, specific requirements for chapter officers, require a voting process on a routine matter, etc). Chapter bylaws cannot expand beyond the standards set by the national office (induct new members from outside of the school or program of public health, induct more members than are allowed by the national office, etc).


Are there guidelines how our chapter should make induction decisions?

The national office sets limits on the number of inductees per category but does not have any specific requirements as to how induction decisions are made.

The bylaws state that chapters should give due regard to the inductees’ scholarly attainments. Additional guidance:

  • Students: The selection committee will give particular attention to academic excellence and shall take into consideration commitment to the public health profession
  • Faculty: Each chapter shall establish selection criteria consistent with its institutional criteria for the recognition and promotion of its faculty.
  • Alumni: Each chapter may induct graduates of the school or program of public health whose work in the practice of public health would serve as a model for future graduates

Can chapters induct new members at multiple times?

There is no restriction or limit on the number of induction cycles each chapter can have.

Can a member transfer to another chapter?

Yes, the chapter of induction will never change but the active chapter may be updated if the member has an affiliation with a new chapter. To have the active chapter updated, the chapter to which the member will be transferring should email the national office at and copy the transferring member on the request.  The chapter which the member was formally active does not need to approve the request, but we suggest the chapter be notified out of courtesy.

Can chapter induct someone who is a member of another chapter?

No. Once a member of Delta Omega, always a member. See FAQ on transferring chapters.

Certificate Requests and Payment

There was a mistake on a name on the certificates. Can we order a reprint?

Yes, you can submit requests for reprints. Submit the request the same way you submit other requests but simply select “reprint” as the type of request. There is a $25.00 fee for all reprint

What happens if we requested a certificate for a member who either declined membership or did not pay?

Contact the national office and request that the induction record for the non-inductee be removed for your chapter portal.