Getting Started With Inductions

Chapters are required to have inductions of new members each year. All other activities are optional but highly encouraged. See this list of suggested events.

Induction Process

  1. Decide who your chapter will be inducting. Chapters must follow the basic framework of national guidelines when making induction decisions. Each chapter can add additional requirements and may have its own decision-making process.
  2. After inductees have been determined, request induction certificates via the Chapter Admin Portal
  3. Certificates will be mailed to your chapter along with an invoice within two weeks.  Chapters may pay for overnight shipping for rush orders, if needed.
  4. Induct your members.  Your chapter can induct members through a notification or an induction ceremony.
  5. Pay induction dues. Your chapter can pay dues for members or you can ask your individual inductees to pay.
  6. Other notes about the induction process:
    • Inductions cannot be held before requesting certificates. The request should come first.
    • After inductions are held and chapter has remitted payment for inductees, national office will add inductees to Delta Omega membership database.
    • Inductees with an email address in the induction system will also receive a digital certificate.
    • Chapters may purchase induction pins, stoles, and other merchandise though the chapter admin portal.
    • Chapters may have multiple rounds of inductions each year.
    • Chapters do not need to induct all categories (students, alumni, faculty and honorary).  One category is sufficient.

Contact Delta Omega at with questions.