Honorary Members

Honorary membership is conferred upon persons possessing exceptional qualifications, who have attained meritorious national or international distinction in the field of public health. Persons may be nominated for honorary membership by any chapter, or by any member of the National Council. Below is a list of honorary members inducted by the national office. For a complete list of honorary members inducted by Delta Omega chapters, set your Type of Induction Filter to “honorary” on this list: https://deltaomega.org/national-member-list/

Honorary Members Induction Date
Vivek Murthy, MD MBA November 14, 2023
Anthony Fauci, MD November 7, 2022
Bryan Stevenson November 4, 2021
Gretchen Whitmer, JD October 16, 2020
Peter Buxtun November 4, 2019
Shannon Watts November 4, 2019
Mona Hanna-Attisha, MD, MPH November 12, 2018
Allison Foster, MBA, CAE November 6, 2017
Kimberlydawn Wisdom, MD, MS November 2, 2015
Col. Damon T. Arnold, MD, MPH, CMT (Ret.) November 17, 2014
Joseph West. ScD, ScM November 4, 2013
William Harvey, PhD October 29, 2012
Regina Benjamin, U.S. Surgeon General October 31, 2011
Kristine Gebbie, DrPH, RN April 20, 2010
John Barry November 9, 2009
Barbara A. DeBuono, MD, MPH October 27, 2008
Mike Gemmell, CAE, Former ASPH Executive Director November 13, 2000
Claude Earl Fox, III, HRSA Administrator November 13, 2000
John Porter, U.S. Congress May 2000
David Satcher, U.S. Surgeon General November 1998
Ernest L. Stebbins, MD, MPH
Abraham Horwitz, MD, MPH
Anthony M.M. Payne, MD, MRCP
John Donaldson Porterfield, MD
William Hallock Park, MD
Thomas Parran, U.S.Surgeon General 1938
William Wilson Jameson, MD, GBE, KCB
Mazyck Porcher Ravenel, MD 1931
George Walter McCoy, MD 1930
Frederick Fuller Russell, Brigadier GeneralUS Army 1929
Herbert Hoover, 31stPresident of the United States of America 1929
Hugh Smith Cumming, U.S. Surgeon General 1929
Charles Value Chapin, MD 1927
Sara Josephine Baker, MD 1924
Watson Smith Rankin, MD 1924
Sir Arthur Newsholme, MD 1924